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Personal Finance

The Blossom App Review: A Deep Dive Into The Fixed Income Savings App [Earn 4%!]

What makes Blossom special is how they offer the benefits of a higher return investment, while smoothing out the volatility that usually comes from something that pays you more than the peanuts you would get in a Term Deposit.

How to combat parenting burnout and improve your relationship while you're at it.

I’m here to tell you that ice cream tastes better when there are two spoons in the tub and that you can have a great relationship AND keep your kids alive. Wow!

The 5 Best Books for New Dads - The Essential list!

The list below includes the best books for new dads that cover practical tips, essentials for pregnancy and birth and how to manage your family finances. Plus I’ve thrown in one at the end that will help get you through those tough nights without pulling your hair out.
Personal Development

Failing sucks but it’s what you do after that counts.

Think back to your childhood, did you wish that your parents were at work more? In most cases, I'm sure the answer is no but it doesn’t make it any easier to fail in front of your family.

Dads are being pulled away from the experience of pregnancy.

When my first was born, I felt like he didn’t even know I existed for the first few months. The way I felt useful and involved was by taking Katie to appointments and being there to hold her hand when the big milestones were happening. That can’t happen anymore.
Personal Finance

How To Put Your Bills On Autopilot

Fast forward four years, five moves, and quite a few jobs and we are well on our way to financial security. We even funded our own wedding (in our garage) and had a baby! All of this was achieved while never earning over 50K AUD a year.

Podcast Interview - Becoming SuperPops

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Katrina Edillor for her podcast Becoming SuperPops.We spoke about what it is like to be a stay at home dad, how you can challenge gender norms and why vulnerability is so crucial not only for being a parent but as a human being in general.
Personal Finance

How I Save by Spending More

I grew up in a family that didn’t put focus on material goods and, in most cases, it was a good thing. We always valued experiences more than things and if wealth was measured in fun and togetherness, we were filthy stinking rich.
Personal Development

Building Self Esteem with Achievable Challenges

Phrases like “Well done!’ or “Great job!” are valuable tools and are perfectly fine things to say to someone if they have the self-assuredness to actually believe you. But what about the people that don’t?

One More Gin And Tonic? A relationship origin story like no other

Now I’m sure there are many stories of unplanned conception that start in a bar, fuelled on by one (or two) too many. This isn’t one of those.

Don’t Tell Me I’m Going to Be a Good Dad! A Birth Story

When you tell people you’re going to become a dad they always say one of two things. 1. ‘You’re going to be a great dad!’ or 2. ‘It’s going to be the best time of your life’.