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Man Sitting on a couch
After the initial anger subsided and I could think a little more clearly, I remembered that it doesn’t have to be this way.
Mitch Barber
A mother breastfeeding her baby.
As we dive into this article I want to keep you abreast (get it?) of some questions that I will be answering. What is colostrum?, What does colostrum look like? What is colostrum good for? How do you collect colostrum?
Mitch Barber
A newborn baby stretching its arms
As the little snowflake light warned me about ice on the road, I sped (responsibly) down the road towards the hospital, nearly hitting a kangaroo that jumped out in the early morning light. Luckily we were only 8 minutes away. We made it.
Mitch Barber
A family dressed in red at a Chinese temple
I’ve been through some difficult stuff in my life but one thing I have never experienced is someone discriminating against me because of the colour of my skin, the shape of my eyes or where I was born.
Mitch Barber
A pregnant woman about to give birth
I didn’t have time to ask in the moment, of course, but I did keep it in mind as my boy's head was making the grand passage into the world like a watermelon through a doughnut hole.
Mitch Barber
A screenshot of the Blossom app
What makes Blossom special is how they offer the benefits of a higher return investment, while smoothing out the volatility that usually comes from something that pays you more than the peanuts you would get in a Term Deposit.
Mitch Barber
A dad walking with his three kids
The list below includes the best books for new dads that cover practical tips, essentials for pregnancy and birth and how to manage your family finances. Plus I’ve thrown in one at the end that will help get you through those tough nights without pulling your hair out.
Mitch Barber
A use at own risk sign
Your mindset is just the essential first step in the process, one that is rarely understood. Thinking and doing nothing won’t make any material difference in your life, but it’s the mindset you can ‘think’ your way into that can.
Mitch Barber