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A man at the edge of a cliff, looking down
Six men commit suicide every day in Australia, most of them leaving behind grieving loved ones that had no idea they were struggling. People with suicidal ideations look just like normal people.
Mitch Barber
Scott Pape in a blue shirt
Now I had the motivation to sort my finances out, but I didn’t have the skills. After listening to a few podcasts, I never really found anything that clicked. My motivation was starved of strategy. I was going nowhere.
Mitch Barber
A man on his laptop
When I talk about investing, the eyes of the poor soul I’ve cornered start to glaze over within the first few seconds of the conversation. They usually start to edge away, looking at their watch and wondering when this nerd is going to shut up about compound interest.
Mitch Barber
Protesters writing with chalk on the street
In the spirit of transparency and keeping the conversation going, I wanted to share three responses I received from people that really hit at the heart of what I was trying to communicate. I've removed their names in the interest of privacy but their words are their own.
Mitch Barber
A woman carrying a baby
Now I’m sure there are many stories of unplanned conception that start in a bar, fuelled on by one (or two) too many. This isn’t one of those.
Mitch Barber
A podcast microphone
I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Katrina Edillor for her podcast Becoming SuperPops.We spoke about what it is like to be a stay at home dad, how you can challenge gender norms and why vulnerability is so crucial not only for being a parent but as a human being in general.
Mitch Barber
A mother with her son covered in paint
Fear not, however, the kids and I broke out the paints and got crafty with some A4 printer paper. A handprint from Norah and some abstract modernist strokes from Elio, and we had ourselves a Mother's Day gift.
Mitch Barber
An open landscape with a person standing on a rock in the middle
All I can picture is someone white knuckling their way through addiction, or just trying to be ‘happy’ when they have depression. The destination is clear, but the tools you need to get there, aren’t.
Mitch Barber