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ne of the most beautiful things about becoming a father is watching your partner bring your little one into the world. The sheer power, courage and will displayed by a woman giving birth is incredible to witness but it can be scary if you don’t know what to expect.

When we fell pregnant I saw my partner dive headfirst into the experience of pregnancy and I felt pretty left out. Then we got Juju Sundin's book.

The great thing about Birth Skills is that it not only gives your partner the tools for a great birth but it also brings you in as a father and gets you involved. There are so many things fathers can do to support and care for their partners during birth.

Some interesting points that are included in the book:

  • Being your partners advocate (they may find it hard to communicate during birth so it’s up to you to know what they need)
  • Lowering the lights (the hormones that are responsible for bonding are ‘shy’ and are reduced if the lights are too bright)
  • Position changes that bring about a comfortable and safe birth

This book was a godsend for us and I was so glad we discovered it. Once your partner reads it make sure you do too, it’s a great way to show that you’re supportive and interested in the process.

"I would recommend this book to all of our expectant members as it gives detailed, useful techniques for pain-management in all stages of labor and childbirth that could, in some cases, prevent an unnecessary cesarean birth or help a woman succeed in her VBAC plan."

Birth Skills by Juju Sundin
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Jun 11, 2022

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