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cott Pape has changed our lives and if there was one book I would recommend for a growing family, it would be this one.

The Barefoot Investor is a no-nonsense, easy to follow guide to get your finances set up properly so you don’t have to think about them.

Our income is relatively low and it’s been amazing to have the systems in place to manage things so we can focus on the important stuff like being present with the kids.

I saw my parents argue about money often and if you can avoid that, perfect!

The book covers some essential topics.

  1. How to manage your debt (without the stress!)
  2. Saving up for a deposit
  3. How to wipe 7 years off your mortgage
  4. Planning for your future
  5. Steps to be able to hand your kids a $140k cheque on their 21st birthday!

Some of this sounds too good to be true but just read it and I promise you it will be worth it. I’m so confident that it will help you that if you don’t get any value out of it at all, send me a message and I’ll apologise for recommending it personally (seriously).

We have adapted the system a little to include a process for us to pay bills automatically. I’m in the process of writing a guide on how to do it and will update this post when it’s live.

Tread your own path! (barefoot reference...)

Bonus - There is also a Barefoot Investor Families version, this one will come later and is targeted to older kids.

The Barefoot Investor

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Jun 12, 2022
Personal Finance

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