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A must-have for dads to be! Book Review: Birth Skills by Juju Sundin.

I didn’t have time to ask in the moment, of course, but I did keep it in mind as my boy's head was making the grand passage into the world like a watermelon through a doughnut hole.

Book Review: Birth Skills - Juju Sundin

This book was a godsend for us and I was so glad we discovered it. Once your partner reads it make sure you do too, it’s a great way to show that you’re supportive and interested in the process.

What should I pack into my hospital bag?

As the little snowflake light warned me about ice on the road, I sped (responsibly) down the road towards the hospital, nearly hitting a kangaroo that jumped out in the early morning light. Luckily we were only 8 minutes away. We made it.

Dads are being pulled away from the experience of pregnancy.

When my first was born, I felt like he didn’t even know I existed for the first few months. The way I felt useful and involved was by taking Katie to appointments and being there to hold her hand when the big milestones were happening. That can’t happen anymore.