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Master Your Anxiety with the Avatar Technique

All I can picture is someone white knuckling their way through addiction, or just trying to be ‘happy’ when they have depression. The destination is clear, but the tools you need to get there, aren’t.
Personal Development

Book Review: The Obstacle Is The Way - Ryan Holiday

Based on the stoic idea that what is in the way, is the way. The book opens up your perspective on problems and gives you the confidence to push forward when things get tough. Invaluable in fatherhood.

Are Stay at Home Dads Valuable?

While I was enjoying its creamy goodness, my mind wondered why my son refuses to tidy up his toys when I ask him to. “Impossible to know” I think to myself. “Some things are better left a mystery”.

Mother’s Day Without a Mum.

Fear not, however, the kids and I broke out the paints and got crafty with some A4 printer paper. A handprint from Norah and some abstract modernist strokes from Elio, and we had ourselves a Mother's Day gift.

Dads are being pulled away from the experience of pregnancy.

When my first was born, I felt like he didn’t even know I existed for the first few months. The way I felt useful and involved was by taking Katie to appointments and being there to hold her hand when the big milestones were happening. That can’t happen anymore.

Podcast Interview - Becoming SuperPops

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Katrina Edillor for her podcast Becoming SuperPops.We spoke about what it is like to be a stay at home dad, how you can challenge gender norms and why vulnerability is so crucial not only for being a parent but as a human being in general.
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Building Self Esteem with Achievable Challenges

Phrases like “Well done!’ or “Great job!” are valuable tools and are perfectly fine things to say to someone if they have the self-assuredness to actually believe you. But what about the people that don’t?

Suicide is rampant in men, is vulnerability the answer?

Six men commit suicide every day in Australia, most of them leaving behind grieving loved ones that had no idea they were struggling. People with suicidal ideations look just like normal people.