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Personal Finance

How to Choose a Bank Account in Australia

The one thing that has helped my family get ahead the most is our bank. I know, banks are evil yada yada yada. We can talk about that until the decentralised cows come home, but the reality is, we need them.
Personal Finance

How To Put Your Bills On Autopilot

Fast forward four years, five moves, and quite a few jobs and we are well on our way to financial security. We even funded our own wedding (in our garage) and had a baby! All of this was achieved while never earning over 50K AUD a year.
Personal Finance

How I Save by Spending More

I grew up in a family that didnÔÇÖt put focus on material goods and, in most cases, it was a good thing. We always valued experiences more than things and if wealth was measured in fun and togetherness, we were filthy stinking rich.